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Dear users, customers and national and international partners. We once, initiated the creation of the company TECHNO INTERNATIONAL, to bring new technologies to African businesses. In a highly competitive world, a world that every day can be summed up in a single global village, where large companies compete with SMEs, it is important to use the latest technology to significantly improve revenue SMEs. This, for the development of our nations ...

Today TECHNO INTERNATIONAL is pleased to introduce its new information's platform. In fact, the company is registered in Benin's Commerce and Credit Register as: TECHNO INTERNATIONAL RB/COT/11 B N° 7167 to. Its purpose is to developed new Information Technology (IT) and innovative systems. We are committed to help you design websites, software, make audiovisual production and advertisement. Our company also supplied and maintains your computer equipment. Our Research & Development unit will help you to be on top of the Computer Information System world.

Finally, we are thrilled to help you import and export of materials, electronic consumables and office supplies. The Company also designs TECHNO INTERNATIONAL multiple electronic cards on request.

Our desire is to establish a win to win partnership with our expert and partner around the world. Our company guarantees you an impressive service and a leadership that makes all the difference. Thank you for choosing us and trusting Techno International.
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